Partner with ShipFlo to provide better delivery experience to your customers through your own website/app.


Access resources to assist you in discovering fresh customers, enhancing your profitability, and securing business within your local community.

Amplify your online ordering

With Shipflo s adaptable expansion options for restaurants, you have the freedom to select precisely how you wish to collaborate with us.

Expand your presence with Shipflo

Access the vibrant Shipflo customer base by providing both pickup and delivery through the Shipflo app and Marketplace. Additionally, boost sales by engaging DashPass subscribers, who exhibit higher average spending and order frequency. Each partnership comes with Storefront, allowing for personalized and commission-free online ordering via your website, social media, and Google Search & Maps. Alternatively, opt for On-Demand Delivery to offer deliveries from your own app or site, leveraging Shipflo’s network of User

Draw in fresh clientele

Sponsored Listings secure premium placement within the Shipflo app, ensuring visibility to potential new customers, while Promotions enable you to provide discounts, free delivery, or complimentary/reduced-price items to attract and engage with new clientele.

Enhance order quantity and magnitude

Boost both the quantity and value of orders (and consequently, your profits) through Promotions that offer customers discounts or complimentary items when they meet a designated minimum order size. If you currently provide in-store options for beer, wine, liquor, or cocktails, consider adding alcohol to your Shipflo menu to stimulate larger orders and attract customers interested in ordering both food and beverages.

Customized partnership arrangements to suit your needs

Benefit from all our Marketplace plans* without incurring payment processing fees. You can modify or terminate your plan as needed.


Reduce expenses

Provide both delivery and pickup options for customers.

CA$0 for 7 days, then 20% commission per delivery order

  • Connect with customers in close proximity.
  • Maximum customer delivery charge



Gain visibility among new customers in your locality.

CA$0 for 30 days, then 25% commission per delivery order

  • Connect with customers at a greater distance.
  • Reduced customer delivery charge



Capture the attention of new customers.

CA$0 for 30 days, then 29% commission per delivery order

  • Connect with customers located even more remotely
  • Minimal customer delivery charge

Frequently asked questions

What is a commission?
When you register your business on Shipflo, a portion of the order subtotal, referred to as the “commission rate,” is paid for every order managed through our platform.
How does the free trial function?
In the United States and Canada, Shipflo Basic partners commence with a 7-day free trial, while Shipflo Plus and Premier partners begin with a 30-day free trial. During this period, delivery and pickup commissions are set at 0%, allowing you to test the partnership plan* that aligns best with your preferences. Additionally, tablet fees are waived for the entire duration of the trial. Once the trial concludes, there will be a weekly tablet fee of $6 in the US, $3 in Canada, and $0 in Australia. Point of sale integrations remain free.
Upon the conclusion of your free trial, you will be enrolled in the commission and tablet fees outlined in your Merchant Signup Sheet.
You retain the flexibility to modify your plan at any point during your trial or after it concludes, accessible through the Settings in the Merchant Portal.
Partnership plans (Basic, Plus, Premier) are accessible to restaurants with 75 or fewer locations in Canada or the US.
Is it possible to modify my pricing plan?
You have the flexibility to adjust your plan at any point within the Merchant Portal. Keep in mind that plan changes may necessitate up to 5 business days for processing, which means that making plan adjustments more frequently than approximately once a week may not be practical.
To obtain the most accurate assessment of how well each plan suits your business, we recommend that merchants give a new plan a trial period of at least 2-3 weeks before considering a switch.
Is it possible to temporarily halt orders during busy periods?
Certainly, Shipflo partners have the option to pause incoming orders as needed. If your restaurant employs a tablet, you can temporarily suspend order collection for a designated duration. Additionally, you can inform customers that your establishment is currently experiencing high demand, providing them with advance notice of potentially extended preparation times.