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How it works


Choose the time that works for you

Accept an order

Accept the orders assigned to you


Arrive at pickup location, scan and pickup


Arrive at delivery location, Scan and deliver.

Get paid

Earn on each delivery, get paid weekly

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  • Must be 19 years or older
  • Legally allowed to work in Canada
  • Full-class driver’s licence
  • Must have a Car, or bicycle (in select locations)
  • Background check
How do I become a delivery driver?
If you possess a welcoming and optimistic demeanor and desire the flexibility to set your own work schedule, consider joining the Shipflo team as a Shipper.
How long does it take to become Shipflo driver?
Once you complete the signup process, it takes about 24-48 hours to complete processing.
How does Shipflo work?
You’ll receive nearby delivery requests in your vicinity, allowing you the flexibility to accept or decline based on your availability. Consistently accepting tasks and delivering exceptional service will result in an increased volume of future delivery opportunities
Is Shipflo a better delivery platform?
We optimize package pick-up by consolidating them into a single efficient trip, resulting in improved online
efficiency and higher overall earnings.
Independent Contractor advantage?
Being your own boss puts you in control of determining your driving schedule, desired earnings, and
ensuring you have the necessary tools at your disposal.