Partner with ShipFlo to provide better delivery experience to your customers through your own website/app.

Merchant Solutions

Shipflo enables every business to deliver with ease. We provide tailored solutions for every business and we handle the logistics , all with 0% commission.

Retail Stores

Shipflo supports retail businesses in delivering a wide range of products to customers quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, or home goods, our platform is your trusted partner in providing a seamless delivery experience.

Pet Store

Tailored to the needs of pet stores, Shipflo enables timely and secure delivery of pet essentials, ensuring that furry friends receive the care they deserve. Our platform streamlines the delivery process, allowing pet stores to focus on what they do best – catering to the needs of pets and their owners.


For florists, timely delivery is of the essence. Shipflo ensures that your exquisite floral arrangements reach customers with precision and care. Elevate your customer experience by entrusting your flower deliveries to our reliable service.


In the healthcare sector, prompt delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies is non-negotiable. Shipflo caters to the unique requirements of pharmacies, ensuring that medications and healthcare products are delivered safely and on time.


For restaurants aiming to extend their reach through delivery services, Shipflo offers a streamlined solution. We help you deliver delicious meals straight to your customers’ doors, ensuring that the quality of your culinary creations is maintained throughout the journey.

Liquor stores

Shipflo assists liquor stores in ensuring that their products reach customers responsibly and efficiently. Our platform handles the intricacies of liquor delivery, allowing you to focus on providing a diverse and premium selection to your customers.

Grocery Stores

For grocery stores, Shipflo simplifies the delivery of fresh produce and household staples. Trust our platform to ensure your products reach your customers promptly and in optimal condition. Shipflo is committed to meeting the unique needs of every industry we serve.

Convenience Stores

Shipflo is your partner in streamlining the delivery of convenience store essentials. From snacks to daily necessities, ensure reliable and efficient delivery to your customers.