Partner with ShipFlo to provide better delivery experience to your customers through your own website/app.

Collaborate with shipflo to boost sales, both on their app and on your own website.

Provide alcohol for delivery

Ensure your customers receive same-day alcohol deliveries in full adherence to local alcohol delivery laws and regulations.

What is the process for alcohol delivery?

Register with Shipflo

Our team of experts will contact you to confirm your retail alcohol permit and assist in establishing you as an alcohol delivery partner on Shipflo

Accept and complete orders

Customers have the option to explore your store or restaurant on Shipflo and make their orders. Subsequently, prepare orders for same-day delivery or pickup.

Guarantee adherence

Customers commit to age verification when buying alcohol, and user confirm customer IDs using the Shipflo app during deliveries.

Expand your enterprise

Promote your establishment through Shipflo and engage with a vast customer base in your local area seeking beer, wine, and liquor delivery. Leverage features like DashPass and tailored promotions to boost your earnings. If you’re a restaurant already present on Shipflo, consider incorporating alcoholic beverages into your menu offerings.

Swift and effective delivery

Deliver alcohol to your customers in sync with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Shipflo boasts an average delivery time of under 35 minutes. By using Shipflo’s alcohol delivery service, you can also achieve cost savings, as there’s no requirement to recruit or train delivery drivers.

Frequently asked questions

Is Shipflo involved in alcohol delivery?
Through Shipflo Marketplace, we assist alcohol retailers in connecting with nearby customers and facilitate deliveries via Shipflo’s advanced logistics platform. Our services support retailers in delivering products such as beer, wine, retail liquor, and more.
In addition, alcohol retailers can opt for a la carte delivery via Shipflo Drive, which allows them to manage deliveries directly from their own app or online ordering website through a seamless integration with Shipflo’s network of user.
How does delivery comply with local wet/dry county laws?
In states where stringent wet/dry county laws apply, like Kentucky and Texas, alcohol delivery is confined to designated regions. For further details, please reach out to our team.
How can restaurants provide alcohol delivery?
For restaurants, simply sign in to incorporate alcohol into your menu options. Please note that the availability of wine, beer, and spirits delivery for restaurants is contingent on compliance with local state and province regulations.
What safety measures are implemented for alcohol delivery?
User are required to utilize the Shipflo app to scan the front of a customer’s ID, ensuring their identity is verified before finalizing the delivery. Once the customer’s identity is confirmed, and any signs of intoxication are checked, the delivery can proceed. Additionally, customers will receive reminders to be present at the Ship with a valid ID during the delivery.
Who qualifies to purchase alcohol?
Customers who meet the legal drinking age requirements in their jurisdiction, possess a valid, non-expired photo ID, and are not visibly intoxicated are eligible to purchase alcohol via Shipflo.”