Partner with ShipFlo to provide better delivery experience to your customers through your own website/app.

Partner with ShipFlo to provide better delivery experience to your customers through your own website/app.

Delivery for Retail

Attract fresh customers in your local area through a partnership with shipflo to provide retail delivery services.

Gain entry to a fresh customer base.

Engage with your customers on their terms. Promote your retail store through Shipflo and connect with local customers seeking same-day delivery for their everyday supplies and products.

Your store’s trusted partner for delivery services.

Cosmetic products

Engage with customers in search of replenishing their makeup, skincare, and personal care essentials.

Infant products

Provide sought-after items such as diapers, formula, wipes, toys, and games to local parents through delivery services.

Office essentials and stationery products

Deliver paper, ink, pens, cards, and various office supplies to customers within the same day.

Household items and enhancements

Ensure your customers stay engaged with prompt delivery of home improvement supplies, tools, and a variety of other products.

Electronic devices

Provide community delivery services for in-demand electronic products, ranging from televisions to toasters, and beyond.


Securely enable neighborhood delivery services for over-the-counter and prescription medications

Distinguish your brand

Immerse your customers in satisfaction with swift, effective delivery, setting your store apart. Additionally, maintain your existing operations; there’s no requirement to recruit delivery drivers or oversee a delivery fleet when collaborating with Shipflo for retail delivery.

Frequently asked questions

How does retail delivery operate with Shipflo?
Through retail delivery on Shipflo, customers peruse your store’s offerings on the Shipflo platform, select items for their cart, place an order, and make the payment using the app. The order is confirmed using a Shipflo tablet, after which you prepare the order and hand it over to a user for delivery.
Which kinds of retailers are eligible to join Shipflo?
Shipflo’s retail delivery service is open to brick-and-mortar businesses that retail products in the following categories: beauty, home, office supplies, electronics, stationery, arts and crafts, home improvement, baby products, sports gear, fashion items, or books. Shipflo’s retail delivery solutions are not designed for businesses primarily engaged in selling services, CBD products, or for wholesalers seeking to distribute to other businesses.
What is the minimum number of products required for listing on Shipflo?
For inclusion in Shipflo’s retail delivery service, stores must have a minimum inventory of 20 products. Each of these items should be accompanied by a photo, a description, and a price. This requirement promotes customer interaction, contributing to your business’s success on the Shipflo platform.
What advantages does a retail delivery solution offer?
When you feature your business on Shipflo, you gain access to a broader customer base searching for online purchases with same-day delivery. This on-demand shopping approach empowers local retailers to expand their operations and compete effectively with online-only merchants. Furthermore, a retail delivery system enhances convenience for both new and loyal customers, with an average delivery time of less than 35 minutes.
What prerequisites must be met to register for retail delivery?
Once you’ve verified that your business aligns with the specified criteria, you will be required to furnish certain details about your company. This includes your banking information, which is necessary for receiving payments for your Shipflo orders, as well as the name of your company or that of a legal representative.
How can I accept orders through Shipflo?
As a retailer, you will receive notifications when a customer places an order. You can then choose to accept the order on your tablet or device and specify an estimated delivery time. Following this, you can prepare the order and entrust it to a user for delivery.