Partner with ShipFlo to provide better delivery experience to your customers through your own website/app.

Collaborate with shipflo to boost sales, both on their app and on your own website.

Grocery delivery

Expand your business by taking grocery orders through Shipflo and collaborating with Shipflo for both on-demand and scheduled deliveries.

How does the process of delivering groceries function?

Establish your shop

Provide the inventory you wish to list, and we’ll collaborate with you to create your online grocery selection on Shipflo.

Begin accepting orders

After your account is enabled, Shipflo customers can browse and purchase items online.

Collaborate for deliveries

Either your team or User can handle the shopping and deliver groceries to customers using the User network.

Fast and efficient delivery

Promote your store on Shipflo to reach fresh, local customers. Enjoy Shipflo’s speedy average delivery time of 35 minutes or less and reduce staffing costs since there’s no requirement to recruit or train delivery drivers.

Tailored to Suit Your Business

User can handle both the grocery shopping and delivery, or business owners can opt to have their employees manage orders and packing, with User responsible solely for delivery.

Frequently asked questions

How does Shipflo’s grocery delivery service operate?
As a Shipflo grocery delivery partner, you gain access to Shipflo’s delivery platform. Here’s the process: customers peruse your store, choose items to buy through the Shipflo App. Business owners can opt for Merchant Pick, which involves packing the orders themselves, or User Shop, where User handle the shopping. Subsequently, User deliver the orders to customers.
Is Shipflo proficient in grocery delivery?
Partnering with Shipflo for grocery delivery means businesses leverage the same advanced logistics platform that has successfully facilitated millions of deliveries worldwide. Furthermore, User are required to uphold a minimum rating on Shipflo to continue operating on the platform, and our average delivery time is under 35 minutes, guaranteeing prompt and fresh deliveries.
Can Shipflo collaborate with my particular shop?
Shipflo is open to partnering with a variety of shops, including grocery stores, cheese shops, spice shops, tea shops, candy shops, olive oil shops, health food stores, produce shops, and more.
What happens if a customer orders an item that’s unavailable?
If a customer orders an out-of-stock item, the User will get in touch with the customer and propose a suitable substitution.