Partner with ShipFlo to provide better delivery experience to your customers through your own website/app.

Collaborate with shipflo to boost sales, both on their app and on your own website.

Provide flower delivery services through Shipflo.

Bring joy to customers with flower and plant delivery on the same day.

What is the process for flower delivery?

Shoppers peruse your shop.

Customers place orders for either delivery or pickup using the Shipflo app or website.

Handle incoming orders.

Validate orders using your tablet or point-of-sale integration.

Provide the option for either delivery or pickup.

Prepare orders for same-day delivery or customer pickup.

Set your brand apart

Establish your unique business profile on Shipflo and connect with fresh local customers seeking flower arrangements, succulents, plants, and more. This way, you’ll boost brand visibility while effortlessly managing your product offerings and pricing.

Provide speedy flower delivery.

Experience the advantages of an on-demand, third-party delivery platform. Access the user network for flower delivery, boasting an average delivery time of 30 minutes or less. Alternatively, you can utilize your own drivers to fulfill orders.

Frequently asked questions

What sets Shipflo apart from other services?
Shipflo enables businesses to exclusively sell flowers under their own brand, ensuring brand visibility with a dedicated listing on the Shipflo App. This also provides businesses with the flexibility to manage their menu and pricing options.
What are the typical customers purchasing flowers via Shipflo?
Customers ordering flowers on Shopflo are often seeking gifts to send to family, friends, or co-workers, or simply to add a touch of beauty to their own living spaces with a lovely bouquet. It’s a good idea to offer floral arrangements that cater to customers seeking quick delivery or same-day service.
What is the process for accepting orders?
When a customer places an order, businesses receive a notification. You can choose to accept the order and specify the estimated delivery time. Following this, you can proceed to prepare the order and pass it on to a user for delivery.
Can I collaborate with Shipflo while retaining my existing delivery team?
Absolutely! Partnering with Shipflo doesn’t require an all-or-nothing commitment. In fact, many businesses view collaboration with Shuipflo as a means to enhance their current flower delivery services, whether it’s by extending delivery coverage or accommodating different timeframes. Moreover, featuring your business on the Shipflo app amplifies local marketing and visibility for your business. Discover more about the benefits of Shipflo by exploring further.
How can I oversee my inventory?
As a business, you can effectively manage your available inventory via the Merchant Portal. When items run out of stock, you can easily mark them as unavailable, ensuring that you won’t receive orders for those specific items on that particular day.